Furnace Audit

GS has a specialized furnace measurement group - GS Energy & Environment, Ltd. (GS EE) - which offers services related to furnace survey. 

These services include visual observation of the regenerators; endoscopic inspection of the furnace interior; measurement of tank corrosion; infrared inspection of outside walls, crown and bottom; plus a complete heat balance of the furnace for optimization of energy consumption. Additional services may be available upon request.

A regularly audited furnace provides many benefits. The continuous monitoring of critical areas allows time to correct problematic situations before they become serious. This, in turn, may avert a downgrade in glass quality, or a possible furnace failure.

Visual Observation of Regenerators

In addition to standard photographs, a unique method of digital VCR observation of furnace regenerators was developed by GS specialists in 2005. Both equipment and method have been patented, and GS EE is the only company in the world providing this exceptional service.


These in situ motion pictures of the regenerators are of great help to our customers in determining regenerator life expectancy and facilitating decisions as to eventual repair.

  • Visual observation up to 3 meters from the head of the regenerator chamber can be accomplished
  • Digital record (DVD)


Endoscope Inspection of Furnace Interior

  • Use of the furnace endoscopes can be utilized for either lateral or axial sight inspection of the following:
    • Crown expansion joints, rat holes and the presence of condensates
    • Superstructure corrosion, chipping, material failure, shifting of refractory blocks
    • Skew blocks, joint and corrosion
    • Tuck stones
    • Feeders and working ends
    • Regenerator chambers (from top side)
    • Recuperators (from bottom side)
  • Digital photography (which is available on CD) or video recording (on VHS)
  • Technical report with the evaluation of the furnace status
  • Proposals for furnace repairs and for future operation improvements

Infrared Inspection of Outside Walls, Crown and Bottom    

  • An infrared camera is used for the inspection of outside surface temperatures of: 
    • Furnace sidewalls, bottoms and crowns
    • Furnace superstructure
    • Ports and regenerator chambers
    • Recuperators
    • Charges or doghouse areas
  • Infrared inspection is analyzed in the technical report
  • Analysis of critical areas ("hot spots") is provided together with recommendations for future furnace operation and energy efficiency


Furnace Audit - Heat Balance

  • Complete heat balance of the furnace
  • Temperature profiles of the furnace
  • Use of suction and optical pyrometers
  • Use of oxygen analyzers
  • Survey of furnace superstructure by endoscope
  • Survey of outside temperatures by infrared camera 




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