Electric Pot Furnaces

The Engineering Department of GLASS SERVICE, INC. was established to develop and produce new small capacity electric pot furnaces to support environmentally friendly glass melting. Since 1992, when this division was started, GS Engineering has made over 40 installations of these pots furnaces as a turn-key deliveries.

Electric pot furnaces supplied by GS provide an economic and environmentally friendly alternative to oil or gas fired small furnaces for many different types of glass. Electric melting processes are especially suitable for high value production such as crystalline and lead crystal or in geographic regions where the use of electric energy is favorable.

GLASS SERVICE would be pleased to provide you with its technology that gives you the following benefits:


  • Minimum bubbles, cords and stones
  • Permanent levels of high glass quality
  • High flexibility for different kinds of glass
  • Optimal utilization of glasses


  • High comfort of the control system
  • Control over important parameters
  • User friendly for for the operating staff


Electric Pot Furnaces of GS Engineering can be installed in an environment where the highest standards of environmental protection are required:

  • Minimum NOx
  • Minimum volatilization
  • Optimal consumption of electric power


  • 4 - 6 years until the mid-term repair is required 
  • 8 - 10 years until the furnace overhaul
  • Longer durability of pots (6 - 12 months)


GS aims to minimize the total energy costs for the operation of the furnace, as well as lowering the costs. The control system allows the furnace to abide by the energy consumption diagram and not to exceed 1/4 hour maximums. In case of utilizing of two or more pots, the control system will harmonize the particular power take-offs within peak-hours. Due to good insulation, we can reach lower electric power consumption.


Turn-key delivery includes:

  • Delivery of refractory materials
  • Building of the furnace
  • Installation of electric distribution system
  • Installation of heating system
  • Delivery of control system
  • Heating up of the furnace
  • Start-up assistance and attendance at first glass melts


  • Furnace operational training on a real furnace
  • Optimization of glass production


  • Easy installation
  • No special requests on construction of site preparation


GS can provide the following services:

  • Project consultation
  • Consultation and technical support for the entire lifetime of the electric pot furnace
  • Follow-up service and inspections
  • Repairs of electric pot furnaces - mid-term and overhaul
  • Delivery of important furnace spare parts


  • Soda lime glass
  • Lead crystal
  • Color glasses
  • Others (the only exclusion is a glass with a content of fluor such as opal)


GS can deliver following types of electric pot furnaces:

  • Singlepot furnaces - ATEL (pot diameters 65 - 100 cm)
  • Doublepot furnaces - ATEL (pot diameters 65 - 100 cm)
  • Crucible singlepot furnaces - ART STUDIO (pot diameter 40 - 60 cm)
  • Crucible doublepot furnaces - ART STUDIO (crucible diameter 40 - 50 cm)
  • Singlepot furnace with a feeder for the production of costume jewelry and rods - CHATON
  • Furnace for melting of glass cullets - HOBBY

Below is detailed information about the offered furnaces:

"ATEL" Single or Double Pot Electric Furnace

The ATEL single or double pot electric furnace should be considered for melting of high-quality lead crystals, soda-potash and colored glasses.

Simple and accurate control of the melting process is achieved using a personal computer. This high-tech control program, developed specifically for the ATEL furnace, allows the user to control the furnace operation from a remote location using the Internet.

The recommended pot diameter is 65 to 100 cm, allowing for a possible daily output of 500 kg of lead glass melt when using the largest container of 100 cm diameter, 70 cm height and a volume of 275 liters. The ATEL pots are well known for their long lifetimes.

Through continuous product development and use of the highest quality materials, we have achieved a furnace that has proven itself with a ten-year track record for reliability. Additionally, the ATEL furnace has been certified by the Czech Republic governmental agencies to be exceptionally efficient, operating with low impact to the environment.




"ART STUDIO" Electric Crucible Furnace

The ART STUDIO electric crucible furnace is an excellent choice for studio and industrial production of high quality glasses.

Melting 60 to 130 kg daily, the ART STUDIO furnace utilizes pots that range in diameter from 50 cm to 60 cm in width, with a height of 50 to 55 cm.

The lifetime of the pots is more than six months, depending upon the type of glass melted and the number of melting periods. The long lifetime of the pots and high quality of glass is achieved by use of high quality resistive heating elements, and the reliable Thyristhor Control which is equipped with a simple regulator.

Due to the small size of the furnace, and the simple and reliable control system, the furnace is ideal for the economical and environmental melting of glass. The furnace is well suited for all glass production facilities including small studios or school use, or even applications in large glassworks.

The compact construction of the ART STUDIO electric crucible furnace allows the factory-assembled furnace to be transported easily to the customerīs site, keeping installation time to a minimum. 



"CHATON" Furnaces with Feeder for Production of Chatons, Small Molded Pieces and Glass Rods

The construction of our electric pot furnaces allows connection of small feeders with a continuous outflow.

All equipment is permanently connected to the furnace. The glass melt flows into the feeder from the bottom outflow of the pot. Opening and closing of this feeder is carried out by a cooled rod.

The feeder is heated by electrical heating elements, and is divided into several zones. Temperatures of the feeder, including outfow temperatures, are controlled by thermocouples. Depending on product type and size, feeders are available with an option of one or two outflows. 

"HOBBY" Furnace for Small Scale Glass Studios

The studio-style HOBBY furnace should be considered for small-scale glass production needs, as well as for instructional and teaching purposes in the melting of glass.

The furnace melts glass cullet only (not batch) and when heated by electric power alone, the furnace can reach maximum temperatures of approximately 1120°C.

Due to the superior furnace insulation, the HOBBY furnace has low energy consumption. During operation of the HOBBY furnace, the additional use of a propane or gas burner can recover any temporary heat loss, as well as stabilize the glass forming temperature. This burner can also be used as a glory hole.

Its compact size and lightweight construction allows for easy installation and placement in small areas, making it a versatile addition to any glass studio. Changing the height and position of the furnace, even in operation, is easy because of its adjustable foundation.

The total volume of the melting area is 20 liters, which holds approximately 50 5k of melted glass. During glass production, the amount of glass in the furnace can be replenished by adding cullet to a separate heating area of the furnace.

The HOBBY furnace has front sliding doors to access the melt area and the burner. Its electrical power switch and control panel are placed on the side of the furnace. A programmable regulator has been integrated into the control panel for memory operation of different temperature settings. A thermocouple has been installed in the furnace to measure the inside temperatures.




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