Furnace & Tin Bath Camera

Just recently GS finalized the development of new type of cameras:

  • Furnace camera – imaging the furnace interior as well as the batch position and pattern

  • Tin Bath camera – imaging the tin bath interior, the ribbon as well as the top rollers positions


The main difference to competitive cameras is that our cameras perfectly fit with ES III™ and with Batch Monitoring and Top Roller Monitoring – a part of Tin Bath Advanced Control – in particular.

Batch Monitoring
Tin Bath Advanced Control

All our cameras use special designed electronics and have, depending on the use, various type of retraction mechanisms.


  • Furnace, flame & batch monitoring
  • Capable for all type of furnaces
  • Capable for installation in the tin bath
  • Easy to handle
  • Robust


The graphic shows the furnace camera without the retraction mechanism.

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