Successful GS defects training in Istanbul

7 1 月, 2020

GLASS SERVICE, a.s. & CQ MASSO (FR) partnered with Şişecam to organize a successful glass defects and refractory training for attendees of the Şişecam International Glass Conference in Istanbul hosted by Şişecam on 20-22 November 2019.

The Expert Training on Wednesday, November 20 was given by Martina Jezikova (on the photo), Filip Janos and Jerome Canaguier focussing on the analysis and possible sources of glass defects as well as refractory defects and quality control. The room was packed with 50 very motivated attendees, who wanted to learn more about where glass defects may come from. The main Conference itself was attended by 500 people interested to learn more about Sustainable Glass production from all over the world.

At the end of the Conference, F.I.C. Managing Director Christoph Jatzwauk and GS Vice President Erik Muijsenberg closed the GS sub-session with their presentations on how renewable energy in combination with hybrid melting concepts using more electric energy in the glass melting process can reduce CO2 emissions drastically and save our planet while producing wonderful glass products.