Corporate Structure

GLASS SERVICE, a.s. (“GS”) was established by a group of furnace engineers and glass scientists in 1990.

The group now employs more than 100 employees and serves customers worldwide.

GS’s corporate structure is organized in several departments and affiliate companies that either focus on sales or separate services and products outside GS’s historical main business.


The worldwide sales offices in USA, Netherlands, Russia, China and Japan support our customers with dedicated professionals locally.

FIC UK Ltd. is a world leader in supply of electric heating and boosting systems for glass melting furnaces.

FlammaTec with offices in the Czech Republic and Germany is a world leader of combustion systems and burners for glass melting furnaces.

GS has seven departments developing and offering their services and products:

  • MELTING RESEARCH department
  • SIMULATIONS │ MELTING TECHNOLOGY department for glass melting & forming modeling services and licenses
  • LABORATORY SERVICES department for express defect analyses and solutions
  • AUDITS & DATA ANALYSIS department for benchmarking audits and software
  • EXPERT SYSTEMS department for model based predictive furnace control
  • ENGINEERING department for turn-key small high quality furnace engineering and furnace cameras
  • RAW MATERIALS department

Legal Entities

  • Glass Service USA, Inc. (Stuart, Florida, US)
  • Glass Service, B.V. (Maastricht, NL)
  • Glass Service, a.s. (Moscow, RU)
  • Glass Service Inc. – Qingdao Representative Office (Qingdao, CN)
  • Ceramic Forum Co., Ltd. (Tokyo, JP)
  • F.I.C. (UK) Limited (Penzance, UK)
    • F.I.C. Germany GmbH (Weiden, DE)
  • FlammaTec, spol. s r.o. (Vsetin, CZ) – JV with STG Combustion Control GmbH & Co KG
    • FlammaTec Germany GmbH (Cottbus, DE)