Data Management

Glass Service offers a software, consists of

  • a database application for Marketing & Sales purposes as well as Monitoring & Analyzing Data, consisting mainly of glass melting furnaces, heat & mass balances, and
  • a set of calculations & forecasts within Glass Melting whereas the results are dedicated to these furnaces.


Full Network Capabilities
  • Front End(s): Customer PC(s)
  • Back Ends / Databases: Customer Server (or Customer PC(s)
Multi User Administration
  • Access, Views, Functions, Data Import/Export
  • Viewing, Editing, Deleting etc.
Customer Data are safe as they are stored @ customer‘s server or PC
No transfer of any Customer Data to any 3rd party

Optional/Voluntary: Anonymous Publishing of Benchmark Data


On Request: Anonymous Benchmark Database


The graphic shows the “normalized” specific energy consumption in kcal/kg of a furnace changing per month using only the same colour etc.

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