GFM Software Licences

For those customers who intensively need simulations for deep understanding the glass melting and constant improvements, we offer, instead of Mathematical Simulation Studies, to use the licence of our leading simulation software Glass Furnace Model – GFM.

We are world leader in licensing the specialized modeling SW to the glass industry. The GFM software has been developed specifically for glass furnace, regenerator and forehearth simulations for about three decades.

Using our GFM format enables exchange work between customer and GS, but also between most leading suppliers.

Our specialized team can provide high level training not only purely talking about the CFD techniques but really how to start from drawings and create a glass furnace model from it.

More than 35 well-known established companies in the glass industry currently use GFM software licence.


  • Simulation results stay confidential to the user
  • Project prioritizing independent from GS
  • Increasing glass melting knowledge in-house
  • Cost-efficient
  • Specialized CFD modeling SW for glass and conditioning
  • User friendly pre- and post processing
  • Specialized training for GFM
  • Periodical user meetings
  • Review of customer projects if requested
  • Compatibility with GS internal modeling team in case of cooperation on one project (split work)
  • All in house development enables to customize various customer requests
  • Huge database of refractory materials included in the license
  • Large database of typical glasses included in the license
  • Reliable U&M program

GS Modeling is a good tool to illustrate what´s happening inside existing or planned furnaces and forehearths - what you can´t see or measure. Temperature distribution, velocities and statements about glass quality can be calculated and displayed.
Modeling of operational states of real existing furnaces is compared with several variations of a planned new furnace or modifications. This is often a very good tool to predict the results of design changes.
Especially if the desired furnace design could be critical – regarding temperature limits or glass quality – GS modeling can prevent the costs and efforts of building a problematic furnace.

Dorothee Ullrich, Modeling, R&D – Technology, HORN Glass Industries AG (GFM SW licensee)

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