Batch Monitoring

Observing the batch patterns is one essential part for stable production.

ES III™ can be used with any type of furnace using fossil fuel, mainly:

  • Regenerative end-port furnace
  • Regenerative side-port furnace
  • Recuperative furnace
  • All oxy fuel furnaces

So far Batch Monitoring is used just to monitor, but will be used to control batch charging shortly.
Once this milestone is achieved, we will inform about it.

Our Batch Monitoring is using our own developed cameras.

Furnace Monitoring System


  • Identifies best batch pattern
  • Helps to maintain best batch pattern
  • Quickly identifies disturbances:
    • if bubblers are not operating
    • if batch feeding stops
    • if foam appears
    • etc.


The graphic shows the complete process of batch monitoring.


The new camera provides 2 video streams: regular vision information plus calibrated temperatures using infrared parallel

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