Furnace Monitoring System

  • Furnace monitoring system
    imaging the furnace interior as well as the batch position and pattern


The system is complemented by an operating condition monitor and a system for safely removing the camera from the furnace in the event of a cooling media failure.

The main difference to competitive cameras is that our cameras are IoT – Internet of Things and perfectly fit with ES III™ and with Batch Monitoring and Top Roller Monitoring.

Batch Monitoring


  • Furnace, flame & batch monitoring
  • Capable for all type of furnaces
  • Capable for installation in the tin bath
  • Easy to handle
  • Robust
  • Visual & infrared – with high resolution

NIR furnace camera video

High resolution Near Infrared furnace camera video showing temperature scale and gray scale vision images

NIR image with temperature trends

Since 2020 software update you can add not only virtual thermocouples, but also surfaces and profiles and visualize the historical temperature trends for each of them. Furthermore these tags can be exported as regular tags to ES III™ to be used for alarming or control actions. It allows optimal and safe furnace operation.

Data analysis merger with real furnace design

Resulting visual information is merged with furnace design digital model (Augmented Reality) and allows on line batch imaging, thermal analysis, bubbler identification and other real time applications.

Advanced picture imaging with A.I.

  • Refractory walls and surface of the melt
  • 24/7 process inspection
  • Observation of the structural integrity and process situation
  • For complete information on all A.I. features contact us for detailed presentation

Advanced control - Industry 4.0 engine

Execution of the entire furnace operation is done through advanced control system ES III™ producing Industry 4.0 interaction between process equipment and control software without the need for human interpretation and transferring of information.

Connectivity and data storage

All systems are designed for fast data transfer to the plant network. The system architecture further enables optional connectivity with Internet (IoT) and usage of the CLOUD data storage. Actual data transfer capacity depends on available internet connection speed and or local mobile network capacity.

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