Glass Defects Book

This valuable book is written by the leading experts in the field of glass defects and fills a gap in the market which has been essentially unaddressed until now.

The book is concerned with defects that infringe the basic characteristic of glass as a homogenous material with a non-crystalline structure.

For this reason it deals with:

  • crystalline inclusions – stones
  • glassy inhomogeneities – cords and layers
  • gaseous inhomogeneities – bubbles


The book is written for: Production managers  •  technical managers • R&D personnel  •  laboratory personnel

The book is divided into six basic chapters:

  • Introductory chapter
  • Methods used for the identification of defects
  • Crystalline inclusions – stones
  • Glassy inhomogeneities – cords and layers
  • Gaseous inhomogeneities in glass – bubbles
  • Strategy adopted during the fight against glass defects
The defects are forever. They represent a never-ending issue in the technologist´s daily life.

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