Audits (and Inspections) are used in almost all processes in a glass plant.

Glass Service provides 3rd party technical Audits (including Inspections), whereas Inspection Services by endoscopes, periscopes and/or cameras are conducted by our certified partners.


Of course, the worst thing what can happen, in case of a material failure or unefficient furnace operation parameters, is that the production have to be stopped. Loosing one day’s production, depending on the production output, can be worth € 100’000 or much more.

A higher energy consumption and in the same time using a too high share of upscale energy as possible is adding significant costs, and in some cases € 150’000 pa. or more.

Wrong furnace operation parameters can also have a negative impact on the furnace life finally adding additional costs as well.


{{Do we want to disclose FIOS here?}}

The key element of our Audit is to identify options to improve.


  • Organizations need to assess the conformity of their processes or systems, internally or across their supply chain.
    Performing inspections, internal and external audits (as well as monitoring suppliers) and certifications are activities that consume time and for which organizations do not always have available resources.
  • Both inspections and audits are needed on a regular basis and we suggest inspections 1x per year and audits 1x every 3 years.
  • GS is THE partner for inspections, audits and certifications.
    Inspections & Audits pay-off very quickly.
    In addition, I&A can help to confirm/validate the date of repair.


The key part of the Audit is a Report which contains:

  • Status, documentation
  • optional:
    • Corrosion, Material failures
    • Critical positions, scaling
    • Repair suggestions
  • Suggestions & Recommendations
  • Heat and mass balance
  • Benchmarks – internally as well as externally
  • Optimisation potential
  • Further potential

Options to improve

Finally, the Audit shows options to improve the current situation (energy costs or emissions reduction etc.) and in the same time showing expected improvement as well as CAPEX and OPEX.

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