GLASS SERVICE is proud to celebrate 25 years of membership with the Glass Manufacturing Industry Council (GMIC)

July 3, 2024

As GMIC marks its 25th anniversary, we acknowledge the vital role it has played in connecting, supporting, and inspiring the glass industry. – read more

GLASS SERVICE a.s. welcomes Marc Russo as new General Manager

May 20, 2024

SEFPRO has completed the acquisition of GLASS SERVICE a.s., including F.I.C. UK and FlammaTec, on April 2, 2024.

To facilitate integration and leverage the combined strengths, Marc Russo has been appointed General Manager of GLASS SERVICE a.s. entities.

Marc Russo brings 20 years of experience with SEFPRO, as Global Supply Chain Director and as Plant Director. He also has prior experience as General Director of a company comparable in size to the Glass Service group.

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April 4, 2024

GLASS SERVICE Group, including GLASS SERVICE, FlammaTec, and F.I.C., is pleased to announce its acquisition by SEFPRO.
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Expert System ESIII Global Triumph: Empowering Glass Industry 4.0 with Over 400 Installations Worldwide

February 17, 2024

Glass Service a.s. (GS) has been at the forefront of the Glass Industry 4.0 and AI revolution for several years, showcasing our expertise through the implementation of our Model Based Predictive Supervisory Expert System ES IIITM and NIR furnace camera, along with unique AI vision software. Currently, we have surpassed 400 installations worldwide. Remarkably, in certain European countries, over 50 % of all glass furnaces are now under full ES IIITM control. This encompasses various sectors, including Float, Container, Tableware, Fiberglass, and Special Glasses. – read more

GS Vice President Erik Muijsenberg honored to receive the 2023 W.E.S. Turner Award

November 17, 2023

Erik Muijsenberg was honored to receive the prestigious 2023 W.E.S. Turner Award
from the International Commission on Glass (ICG) during the award opening ceremony at the ICG Annual Meeting in Hangzhou, China.
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GS gave invited speech on Carbon reduction at the UN IYOG Opening Ceremony in Geneva

March 16, 2022

GS Vice President Erik Muijsenberg was invited to give a speech on CARBON REDUCTION
during the Opening Ceremony of the International Year of Glass at the UN Palace of Nations in Geneva.
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GS group sponsors the sports activities of RWTH University Aachen

March 9, 2022

GS Group (GS, FT, FIC) provided RWTH students with the table football. Students can relax after their hot melting and R&D studies.
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GS group to sponsor the IYOG 2022 Opening Ceremony in Geneva

January 31, 2022

GS Vice President Erik Muijsenberg has been involved as an ICG Steering Committee member supporting Prof. Alicia Duran and several ICG members in getting the UN International Year of Glass.
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New Scanning Electron Microscope

September 22, 2021

GS has a new Scanning Electron Microscope with EDS detector.
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Verallia moving fast forward with industry 4.0 with GS

April 20, 2021

Verallia has deployed over the last four years an ambitious plan to roll out Glass Service Expert System III (ES IIITM), an advanced control system that enables to face industry 4.0 challenge with process chain digitalization in order to release productivity barriers. – read more