Gerresheimer Glass Lohr chooses GS

11 11 月, 2016

Glass Service, a.s. (GS) has received an order to equip all forehearths at Gerresheimer Glass Lohr (GX Lohr) with Expert System III (ES III™) control.

GX Lohr, a producer of high-quality container glass, was among the first of its kind to use
the GS ES III™ for fully automatic glass melter control, and has successfully done so for more than 10 years.

The ES III™ is operating on all GX Lohr melters and is currently on several forehearths.

The decision has been made to extend ES III™ control to all GX Lohr forehearths, allowing
the ES III™ to improve glass gob homogeneity and stability, as well as improve control for fast, fully automatic job changes.

Glass Service has performed 170 worldwide installations of ES III™ during the last 15 years.