14th Int. Seminar on Furnace Design – Operation & Process Simulation – REVIEW

June 21-22, 2017 – Velke Karlovice, Czech Republic

The Seminar was held on 21-22 June 2017 at the beautiful and relaxing Hotel Horal mountain resort in Velke Karlovice, Czech Republic.

The event was attended by about 150 glass experts from all over the world including, USA, Japan, China, India, Russia, New Zealand and several European nations including UK.

In conjunction with the Seminar, on 20 June, the ICG Technical Committee 15 & 21 Meeting and the GS Glass Furnace Model (GFM) User Meeting were held.

The Seminar has shown the attendees the latest developments in furnace optimization by CFD simulations and advanced control.

It introduced first time what Industry 4.0 would bring to further automatize & optimize the glass melting process.

Papers presented at Seminar 2017: