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ES III™ is a comprehensive supervisory advanced control system designed for on-line control of glass melting, forming and conditioning processes.

The objective of ES III™ is not to substitute PIDs on basic control level.
The objective is not to affect management decision makings about production as well.

The objective is to influence day to day process control, to keep the control strategy while operators are changing, to keep the same control strategy, to stabilize process conditions etc.



  • Process control stability – minimizes temperatures variation, preserves temperatures and energy profiles
  • Energy and costs savings – uses energy sources effectively
  • Emission control/reduction – optimizes combustion
  • Forming consistency – stabilizes glass forming conditions and finally increases yield
  • Reduces time for job changes
  • 24/7 independent on operator – consistent operations
  • Furnace stability decreasing glass defects and increased furnace lifetime


Currently GS have sold 240 ES III™ systems within almost all types of glass melting.

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