GS partners with charities in its region of the Czech Republic and directly assists local health facilities and services to help those in need.

Company employees are rewarded with appreciative smiles from youngsters and oldsters alike.

Charity organizations

We provide financial and hands-on support to charities which help people with physical or mental health difficulties, as well as those with life threatening or degenerative conditions, i.e.:

  • NADĚJE Vsetín │ Helping senior citizens, people without home, people with disabilities
  • NA CESTĚ Vsetín │ Helping children, young people and adults in difficult life situations
  • AUXILIUM Hošťálková │ Helping families caring about children with most severe disability


  • PEOPLE IN NEED │ A non-governmental, non-profit organization founded on the ideals of humanism, freedom, equality and solidarity, considering human dignity and freedom to be fundamental values


Sport organizations

There is also a large effort to support local sports organizations, with a focus on youth sports activities: