GS Rapidox II™ Furnace

REDOX Measurement is provided as a service to our customers.

Redox Measurements GS Rapidox II™

For those customers who need this type of observation frequently or do not want to disclose the results, we can supply the equipment/machinery.

We also provide all necessary consumables for smooth operation, for example crucibles or sensors.


GS Rapidox II™ furnace can be used for a variety of applications in the glass industry:

  • Batch redox control for the characterization of “unknown” components, such as recycled cullet and filter dust, an aspect of importance to container glass producers

  • Monitoring of the melting process by analysis of scoop samples taken from the melting tank, e.g. during a color change of a container of float glass furnace

  • Evaluation of the samples taken from the feeder and the final glass products; it is important to obtain a stable forming process and to ensure consistent color quality



By means of rapid measurement of oxygen activity with fast response times, wide dynamic range
and high reproducibility GS Rapidox II™ furnace:


  • Reduces waste
  • Increases the use of recycled cullet
  • Filters dust
  • Lowers environmental contamination
  • Optimizes fining processes
  • Minimizes changeover times
  • Decreases energy consumption


Electrical Connections
  • Supply voltage: 220/230 V
  • Supply phase: single, with earth
  • Supply frequency: 50/60 Hz
  • Maximum power consumption: 5 kVA
  • Circuit breaker rating: 25 amps
  • Computer interface: RS232C
Operational Parameters
  • Ambient to: 1650°C
  • Temperature stability: 1°C
Sample Crucible
  • Ceramic
  • Thermally shock resistant
  • Accommodates sample weights up to 650 g

Example: Rapidox sensor

Example: Control unit

Example: Ni sensor & crucible

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